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A kentucky event that usually involves no sleep for hours on end or in some cases days on end, heavy caffine ingestion, or people finding a "bunk buddy".
KYSAREX 2003 Bowman field two people utilized the pork-u-pine van was contaminated and will never be useable again.
by Devin December 08, 2004
is someone like a guy go by the name Qiao Qiao, soomeone that is very nice, funny, fun and just is the best!
nice guy like qiao qiao, or nice gal like britney
by Devin July 27, 2003
the nightfly :) blank and jones song, some one who raves alot
the nightfly - yeaaa the night fly WOOO
by Devin October 08, 2006
A guy who has "size" and "stamina" according the the gals he runs with.
"S-Man strikes again. He's doing everyone he can and the easy ones twice!"
by Devin June 19, 2006
When you slap a French person in the face because they are French.
Bill- "Dude that French dude got shlaped in the face!"
Ted-" Ya, what a French loser, stupid french."
by Devin October 29, 2004
A kid who really likes men.
That Tim Cole kid really likes men!
by Devin September 10, 2004
Used as is intercourse through which the penis enters the rear end
Niki and Stan had nice Buttfuhh
by Devin May 01, 2004

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