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A time where you and your friends/family go out to the backyard and attempt so many meat products that you will piss off enviromental activists since you wasted fossil fuels, animals just to have a good time. if you only have friends, it will generally become a beer drinking contest
John and his boys were wasted from the backyard barbecue, all because he had to have 5 beers with his ribs
by derek February 14, 2005
According to the Norse, Surtur was a Giant from the realm of Muspelheim.
Surtur comes from the realm of fire, Muspelheim.
by Derek April 04, 2004
"that guy has a lot of hats, oh and he sure rolls around in a lot of shit"
by derek August 03, 2003
LHJ-Lotion hand job. When a female gives you a hand job using lotion.
Using pre-warmed lotion a female places lotion on her hands and gives you LHJ, lotion hand job.
by Derek June 19, 2006
the holy one. the messiah.
"the passion of the chrizzle" a smell dibson film.
by derek January 18, 2005
The act or process of cuddling or snuggling with someone special for extended periods, especially in a rompingly playful way. Suspected to have originated as a combination of "con" (with), "snuggle", and "undulate" (ripple, wave; as in the bodies of the two people involved)
On Valentine's Day, I wished I had a significant other to consnuggulate with.
by Derek February 14, 2004
An disgrace to real street racing by those damn ricers
the fast and furious has pissed off all the real street racers in the country with their civics and fucked up sklines
by derek September 27, 2003

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