122 definitions by derek

pleasuring a woman with youe goatee
once i gave her goat pleasure i knew she'd be comin back for more
by derek August 25, 2004
a woman's clitoris her pleasure spot
i pleasured that woman's scroodle berry all night
by derek August 25, 2004
to become intoxicated through ingesting an excess of Robitussin cough gels
Dude last night roxed. We robotized and i did some totally hot chick.
by Derek July 01, 2004
a penis that never stops dripping after you piss.
I hate it man, I have a trickler
by Derek December 05, 2003
a fancy way of saying orgasm
Lina screamed in ecstacy as she reached hyper proximation.
by derek December 09, 2002
Abbreviation for the phrase "to make a long story short"
TMALSS, the turkey is finished.
by Derek February 01, 2005
Plain, tasteless, boring, lame. Just like white bread!
-She's nothing special, just a typical white bread bitch.
-All the guys in the halfpipe are pulling the same white bread tricks as last year
by Derek February 08, 2004

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