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a light-hearted term for punishment (generally of a child), where that punishment is not intended to be carried out
"If you don't stop pushing your carrot sticks up your nose, Johnny, I'm going to spiflicate you"
by Deborah March 30, 2005
a sexay bitch. may be used as a positive adjective to other words. a synonym to emily chen.
Emily is so very Deborah Ho, YO!
by deborah October 18, 2003
Crud, miscellaneos debris; unidentifiable piece of "stuff"
You've got some crauzu on your shirt.
by Deborah October 19, 2003
A stubborn male dog that lifts his leg and pees every few minutes.
"Stop it Cody, you're killing the tree you pee-pee head."
by Deborah December 10, 2003
1. a girl who went to camp seneca lake and was a CA in the summer of 2002
2. a girl who is very hot and sexy
3. A girl who likes to flab a lot...and i mean A LOT
"Hey pony, let's hump Irv"
by Deborah November 04, 2003
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