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a light-hearted term for punishment (generally of a child), where that punishment is not intended to be carried out
"If you don't stop pushing your carrot sticks up your nose, Johnny, I'm going to spiflicate you"
by Deborah March 30, 2005
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1. To deal with someone violently and thoroughly, causing irreversable damage.

2. Used as an empty threat for children.
Person 1: "Yo mang, I'm gunna pull you's vocal chords out of yo trap and strangle you wit dem."
Person 2: "Try it and I'll spiflicate you."
Person 3: "Ooooooooh!!!"

Looking back on her childhood, Billy-Jo realized she had been silly to live in fear and terror of the often promised 'spiflication' at the hands of her stepfather.
by Paul Ensom October 09, 2005

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