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the highgest possible level of sexiness, only acheived through years of rigorus training
damn, that bitch has one sexay piece of ace that I wouldn't mind eating off of.
by Brandon Do December 01, 2005
Someone who is super beautiful and attractive. They also have a wonderful personality and sense of humor and are all around amazing. Not to mention theyre great in bed.
Emily Palumbo is super sexay
by Casey aka Wifey February 26, 2011
When a guy or girl is so sexy that you must add an extra letter to get the point across.
Dayummmmm Zach Efron is so sexay
by Shaggybug February 20, 2015
When someone has reached such a level of sexiness that they can't even be considered sexy any more.

The category of attractiveness above sexy.
Highest level of attractiveness.
Friend: Did you see that pic of Niall I sent you?
Me: Ya, he looked so sexay!
by sparklycholoshankmeorspankme January 29, 2015
The way someone or something looks or acts. In a similar way to partay, the word Sexay is used not only to describe 'such and such' but can be used, especially on forums, to make the sense of being a bit 'out of it'. Instead of Sexy, people use this to make something sound better than it originally is. Sometimes people use more than one 'A' to make their point better.
Example 1: omg, that bloke is so sexay!

Example 2 : omg, that bloke is so sexaaay!
by Posa-D November 15, 2005
Highly appealing or interesting; Not Ann
Dang! That J.Lo sure is sexay!
by ayann April 30, 2003
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