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I ponder how one might obtain a head made of urine.
Now THATS retardation for you.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 03, 2003
A complete and utter fool. Laughable. Incomprehensible.
George Bush is a pee-pee head
by the vooch October 19, 2004
1. (n)
One with a penile head.

2. A jerkface to the wordextreme.

You are a peepeehead you stupid goddamn goofy bastard.
person that is subject to Nocturnal Enuresis (a.k.a. bedwetting)
Oops, Peepee Head was in the house.
by george esses at georgeess dot com October 25, 2003
A stubborn male dog that lifts his leg and pees every few minutes.
"Stop it Cody, you're killing the tree you pee-pee head."
by Deborah December 10, 2003
What Evil Tim doesn't have.
Evil Tim doesn't have a pee-pee head, there's a pussy on where the penis is supposed to be.
by Assholes Inc. October 02, 2003
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