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469 definitions by david

Cool, awesome, spiffy, etc.
Wow, those are some snazzy pants you have on!
by David September 08, 2003
The rare event where someone takes a shit they do it so perfectly that they do not need to use toilet paper.
Holy shit I just shit a perfect shit!
by David August 08, 2006
The room in your house where you sleep and keep your clothes. Bedrooms usually have a closet in them.
I need to go check my bedroom to make sure everything is still there.
by David March 06, 2004
When you are having anal sex with a girl, whisper in her ear you have AIDS and try to ride her like a raging bronco.
"I pulled a buckin bronco on her and she went nuts."
by david November 17, 2004
Steyr Aug. The official Australian Army rifle. The local variant of the rifle is known as the F88 Austeyr.
Fires 5.56mm rounds, 1.5x scope, bullpup design and highly accurate
by David February 15, 2004
Lucky bastard who not only gets to fuck Jessica Simpson whenever he wants to, but also has a lot of money.
He's such a Nick Lachey.
by David May 12, 2004
a deadly virus
ebola is worse than ecoli
by david December 09, 2003