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one of the main antagontists of yugioh and yugi's biggst rival. he is obsessed with beating yugi and becoming the best after his defeat and loss of world champion to yugi
Kaiba's signature monster is his famous Blue-eyes White Dragon
by david September 28, 2003
Cheap, malt liquor like OE, Mickeys, etc. Black people don't have the money to by more pricier booze, so they blow it off on malt liquor which gets you trashed pretty fast, but tastes like shit. OE is also the color of piss.
Fuck OE I don't want none of that nigger piss!
by David July 10, 2006
A slow car, usually a 4 cylinder mitsubishi lancer or hyundai excel that is 'riced' up by the owner by putting stickers all over it and adding a rear wing (for extra downforce on the rear to improve acceleration in their front wheel drive car). Other common 'modifications' include the infamous 'drain pipe' exhaust system, and 'lowering' - which is done by cutting the springs with a pair of pliers or tin-snips. The drivers of these sorts of cars are usually young teenagers who have no clue about cars, and actually think their car is 'fast' - and then either refuse to race a decent car (because they know they'll get annihilated), or get absolutely humiliated when they do.
The other night this guy in this rice rocket was revving his engine at the lights, trying to get me to race him... so I laughed a bit at first, then thought 'hmm why not'. He took off as fast as he could, and was wondering why he couldn't pass me when I was just staying beside him at half-throttle. Then I dropped back a gear and nailed it, hitting full-boost and leaving the poor ricer in a cloud of smoke about 15 car lengths behind.
by David March 27, 2003
A device that people carry around that usually beeps when someone gets paged. Pagers are dying out because of cell phones.
I think you need a new battery for your pager.
by David March 06, 2004
Aphorism warning of the danger of engaging in sexual intimacy with a girl who is physically --- but not chronologically --- mature.
I've got a boner for that cheerleader that's a foot long, but I'm gonna go home and choke the chicken instead; 15 will get you 20.
by David October 31, 2003
Code word frequently used by high school students to mean cocaine. (Pepsi = coke = cocaine). Frequently used over telephone and instant messenger-type conversations.
"Yeah, Max is getting me more pepsi for the weekend...should I try to hook you up?"
by David August 08, 2004
Someone who is not only dumb, but an ass.
"Frank, you stupid son of a bitch, you're a dumbass."
by David December 03, 2003

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