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1431 definitions by dave

Means "friend" in Italian.
"I think."

"Hey paisano!"
-a mafian walking past a fellow mafian
by Dave June 14, 2004
31 117
People who are half monkey
Jeesus - that geezers got hairy palms, he must be half monkey
by Dave July 08, 2003
25 113
A decent soft drink with a nice flavor.
"I don't drink Dr. Pepper on a regular basis so I guess it's nice & peppy. But since I'm addicted to Coca-Cola I say that Coke will always be the best. ^-^ "
by Dave September 23, 2004
23 112
See: awesome
"Ho shit, Nick, that game of SOCOM was Soviet!"
by Dave February 06, 2004
60 149
Central Military Commission

The power behind the Chinese military. They do all the planning and shit.
"General Kong Feirong is the chairman of the CMC."
-Colonel Lambert, Splinter Cell
by Dave April 16, 2004
77 170
*A citizen of America.
*A person living in America.
*A person having the personality of an american.

By nature, an american is a good person rife with spirit, and is compassionate about wanting to make something of his/her life.
"I'm an american, dammit!"
by Dave March 31, 2004
119 212
Very similar to greatest of all arcade games- Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior. However on SF2 its not A + B + Start buttons but Small punch + Med Punch + Big Punch.
When entered while on demo screen numbers are displayed, beleived to be the number of Sheng Long's Mothers credit card, Stolen by Ryu in order to purchase manga videos after Sheng refused Ryu's request to "Giz a Twenny Bro!" hence beginning da Fighta.
0001 0030 4567 4509 etc
by Dave November 24, 2003
8 103