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A word indicating a Chinese person, possibly racist because of the word "gook" put in.
Don't ask where I got this. Even I don't know. To be honest it just came out of nowhere and I started saying it. I often use this word to refer to a Chinese person, or Chinese people (Chinagook can be plural as it sounds).
"The Chinagook want to nuke us!"

"I'm gonna be the Chinagook."
-me picking my team in C&C : Generals.

"It's a Chinagook."
-points to a Viet-Cong
by Dave July 12, 2004
Alcohol, especially beer.
"I'm gonna take a leak and maybe grab a cold one at the bar..."
-Franky "The Bat" Niagra, Max Payne
by Dave May 15, 2004
A blonde-haired hottie that is a character in Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater. She is puuurrrrty....^-^ she also looks pretty sexy for a chick from the 60's. That hairstyle is quite modern-looking!
"What role will this Eva chick play in MGS3? We'll find out in November 2004...."
by Dave May 24, 2004
The right wing of the US political system. It is actually younger than the other political party, and focuses on preserving various rights.
Overall however, it is impossible to define a Republican, or a Democrat for that matter, without opinionism.

On a sidenote, Republicans are for INDIVIDUAL freedom and less government-control. And with individual freedom comes individual RESPONSIBILITY. And with responsibility, there is hard-earned bliss.
"Not ALL Republicans are evil."

by Dave November 03, 2004
Another name for the L85A1, the name of the british standard-issue assault rifle.
"The SA80, otherwise known as the L85A1, is a bullpup assault rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO, 30 rounds. It seems like a nice gun; I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one. ^_^ "
by Dave March 30, 2004
Future Ex-wife, person you plan to get married to.
french for "kill me"
meet melissa she is my future ex-wife she calls me her fiance
by dave February 03, 2005
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