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A trippy 70's computer programming language that uses recursion like a motherfucker. It is a logical programming language designed for expressing human logic instead of specific machine instructions. Unlike procedural languages such as C, it has very little practical use outside of a university environment.
Uni student #1: Holy shit. Recursively manipulating lists in Prolog is totally screwing with my head! Btw, why the fuck is my program stuck in a loop?

Uni student #2: You've got to create a base case for your predicate. Otherwise it just backtracks up the list and down again.

Uni student #1: Thanks. Fuck. I don't know if I'm gonna pass this course.

Uni student #2: Don't worry. It's not as if this shit is useful anyway.
by HumphreyB May 03, 2006
Prolog (PROgramming LOGic) is the predominant logic programming language. It is based on first-order predicate calculus, but is restricted to using horn clauses.
father(william, diana).
father(jeff, william).
grandfather(X,Z) <= parents(X, Y), parents(Y, Z).
?granfather(A, diana).
by Luca Kaceem Butler Masters January 29, 2004
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