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A penis that is both small and incapable of attaining an erection.
Is that a new Audi A5, you've bought your wife? Got 'dim prawn' again? Just as well I'm giving her what she really wants.
#prawn (over-sized clitoris) #floppy #poorly endowed #displacement activity #inadequate
by cuksocker November 07, 2010
A contractor (especially an IT contractor) who is a cunt.
These new contractors on the project seem, OK, but I'm not sure about the American.' 'No, he's right up his own arse.' 'And he's a Marillion fan.' 'Ah, what a cuntractor.
#contractor #code monkey #shyster #cunt #bore
by cuksocker November 08, 2010
A cheap alternative to anal beads. Usually made from gnocchi held together with cassette tape.
His milanese beans were a tight but smooth fit and so much cheaper than anything you could get from Anne Summers.
#milan beans #anal beads #gnocchi #cassette #tape
by Cuksocker November 05, 2010
A list of people, who do not merit a place on a blacklist but who are still marked out for poor treatment.
"I keep getting offered a poor daily rate by agencies for contracting roles." " You're probably on their secret greylist, that they operate from the Dutch Antilles to avoid Data Protection legislation.
#grey list #blacklist #persecution #conspiracy #poor treatment
by cuksocker November 17, 2010
Drug-fuelled Cottaging in a cocktail bar or other upmarket drinking establishment toilet.
Did you come her straight from home tonight?

No, I popped into the Lord Lucan for a quick Bum and Coke.
#bum 'n' coke #bum and ice #cottaging #dogging #toilet trading
by cuksocker November 07, 2010
An injury inflicted on the gonads as a result of an unsuccessful attempt at rodeo sex. Injury may be inflicted either during or after the undermentioned act was attempted. Usually results in severe bruising of the affected organs and loss of conjugal rights for an extended or permanent period.
I tried to rodeo Sue-Ellen last night but she threw me and I got buckyballed.

Man, my balls are sore. I tried to rodeo Pammy and got buckyballed when she kicked me.
#balls #nads #rodeo #injury #sex
by cuksocker November 08, 2010
Experienced but ageing toilet trader
I bumped into Luke last night.

Really, is he still in business? He's old but he's still got the moves. A real assguru!
#ass guru #toilet trader #rent boy #cottager #geriatric
by cuksocker November 07, 2010
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