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To have taken a considerable amount of psychedelics over a period of time. This may have a lasting (neutral) effect on your world-view.

Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful...
Are you experienced? - Jimi Hendrix
by skeptic_ September 29, 2010
1. old fart.
2. When you have done something so many times that you can do it in your sleep, you are said to be experienced, i.e. sex
3. To have been around the village bike more than a few times
4. To actually know how to have sex

1. When you are old, you are said to be an old fart.
2. 'she experienced me in the morning'
3. oh yeah, she's experienced
4. He showed just how experienced he was last night
by dillwhole November 03, 2007
To get high on Marijuana, especially the herb that you get in the wonderful state of Vermont.
Dan: Hey dude, after school let's go get experienced.

Robin: Sounds awesome, My herb's the 'illest

Howie: Can I come

Dan & Robin: NO
by Kep Chyles November 07, 2006

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