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A little history on CRKD:
CRKD started as soon as halo pc came out, but it didn't come into full force maybe until November or December of 2003. Since then, it has been a wild rollercoaster. From day one, I vowed to myself that I would make CRKD what other clans have failed at. So basically, take a look at the history of clans and present clans, figure out what they do good, what they do bad, and put that all together. End result: CRKD. I can guarantee you right now there is no halo pc clan out there that can compare to the nature of CRKD, because we raise the bar baby. We are so money. lol Back in the day, I personally setup 8 Dedicated Servers, during the school day, at the local community college library. o_0, how did I manage that Rock?

Join the clan and I'll tell you. :P

So 8 servers, we were dominating the CRKD community scene. People were rolling around in wart hogs of happiness, they have CRKD servers to play on, and we supplied the toys. God damn, all of them were full. It was magnIFICENT. We just played for fun, and it was awesome. Then the lesser evil known as KW came along and it took some souls. We tried it, its cool, but we are no longer possessed by it. As many would say, we are much more than a clan. We are innovative, and we take things to the next level. We are like a family, seriously, or in my opinion, a clan of community service.
There is more than meets the eye to CRKD. From the start, I take a look around and see what makes other clans tick, see what they do, see what they do badly. And I take the culmination of all the good things and pour heart and soul into what is known today as CRKD. We have come a long way, about 2 years now, which is amazing , since many crkd wannabe clans died already. I leave this post today with a special link, a random picture of me tagging a chalkboard at my university. Why? Because I want to, and because I know no other clan in the world would do what I do. Now that is special. That is unique. That is just CRKD written all over it. Envious? Jealous? Then let us recruit you and enhance what has been proclaimed to be the CRKD journey.
person 1: so i just got halo pc and im looking for a clan. know any good ones?

person 2: well the oldest i know is crkd. theve been around since the begining and are the oldest active halo pc clan around now.

person 1: sweet!!! do you think i can join them?

person2: umm no. your nub. go try rpc clan. they will take you im sure
by crkd-pepsi June 22, 2006
dude in crkd clan who pwns halo pc like no other. pepsi is to be ownage and versital and will to die for the greater good of the team.

other variations of the name have been pepzi, peppy, pepsee, pepse, popsi.
nub: dude im going to pwn you

pepsi: O; RLY?!?!?!

nub: man just wait till i get a sniper

pepsi: O' RLY??!?!?!

nub: where are you, are you hacking out the map?

*pepsi sneeks behind nub and melee's him dead*

nub: omg, i hate you!! your going to die. you cheat

pepsi: yawn...
by crkd-pepsi June 22, 2006
to be skilled in driving on halo pc and have the reflexes of a mongoose. to be able to know where your going and accomplishing it before even starting before you begin a race type map.
person 1: omg you got a 59.86 on that lap

person2: yea i drive pretty good huh

person 1: hell yea dude!! you pulled a nessa all over that track.
by crkd-pepsi June 22, 2006

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