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The term used when a person is so cool...even the word cool is not cool enough...
that is so nessa......= )
by lou.... May 12, 2006
Nessa -short for Vanessa..a wonderful fun loving energetic person
Nessa can you come over here please?
by zollar December 30, 2008
The sexiest and best Irish mutherfucker on the planet who is majestic af. she will break your heart and steal yo man and can down beers quicker than anyone (unless she's had 5 already).
Nessa is one hella cute gal I want to be her
by thepotatofaminist May 31, 2015
to be skilled in driving on halo pc and have the reflexes of a mongoose. to be able to know where your going and accomplishing it before even starting before you begin a race type map.
person 1: omg you got a 59.86 on that lap

person2: yea i drive pretty good huh

person 1: hell yea dude!! you pulled a nessa all over that track.
by crkd-pepsi June 22, 2006
Shortened form of "necessary".
"I don't think that will be necess-"
"Yes, it IS nessa."
by Behest September 10, 2006
Girl who claims to be a heavyweight but is in fact an absolute lightweight and cannot handle any alcohol.
Nessa is has had two pints and is already snogging some freak, there go her standards.
by cheekynandos123 June 23, 2016
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