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A snooty "liberal elite" type of person says this when he thinks something is "cool, hip, awesome or suave". Like when he cuts you off in his new BMW while you are driving in your old beat up Chevy. Biff would say to Chaz...."That was so money!"

When people say "That was so money", it makes the person who said it look like a "phony" who's trying too hard to use modern, new slang.
I like your new place. It's so money." "I like the way you told that guy off. That was so money.
by Melvin T January 09, 2011
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So cheap and ghetto that it kicks ass.
Dude! Did you see that civic? It was SO MONEY!
by ginsu417 March 09, 2004
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The quintessential expression of moneytude. Transcends the state of moneyness.
"Bro, I shit on a girl's face after I jizzed on her. It was so money."
by Timmy Monnahan March 13, 2006
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