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incapable of an orgasm
dylon is anorgasmic
by craig March 12, 2003
It's a word you give to a person if he/she wants to take revenge on things that are goverment-based and illy run. a male hopai's roar is defined by a loud M16 like sound, which is likely to frighten away cool-minded little roachers when they least expect it (or when they're acting "cool").

A Hopai's prey is little lump-legged rap-loving third formers. Hopai's natural enermy is a Mrs. Burrows. She shoots sharp lawsuit papers out of her anus to catch her prey. Unfortunaly when it comes to catching a Hopai there's hardly any success, as the Hopai is very fast.
There has only been one Hopai that has ever existed. He goes by the code-name "Lance" or "Hopai".
by Craig March 16, 2004
To rip off balls with force.
Little Johnny was being naughty so I, denadinated him.
by Craig August 22, 2003
A member of the hip hop group, X Clan
Professor X raps with X Clan.
by Craig April 08, 2005
When a rabbit drops a hot load in your mouth.
Dude, your rabbit just gave me a Cadbury Cream Pie
by Craig March 09, 2005
Variant of gg (good game), usually used by the winner for the purpose of rubbing in the win.
Geej, bitches! You just got pwned!!!!11
by Craig March 09, 2005
Cockney rhyming slang for joker.
"Whatchya trying ta do, make me look like some sort of double yoker?" Mike Reid as Frank Butcher in Eastenders
by Craig August 27, 2004

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