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lol fesha = being fresh with each other
e.g. a new and exiting thing wit a special person
by craig March 02, 2004
A homemade pornography of sorts, in which a girl pulls out a guys cock with a flopping action.
Hahaha man have you seen the flop video yet? She really gets into it.
by craig March 07, 2005
A resident of a council estate, usually defining a male aged between twelve and thirty.
The pikey rarely travels alone, often to be found in a pikey group of 5 plus, loitering at bus stops, outside chip shops or on street corners. The only time they venture alone is to walk their dog, usually an aggressive breed such as a Pit Bull or Rottweiler, or even a cross of the two. Shell suits are de rigeur, the bottoms of which must be worn at half mast to reveal their white socks. The ensemble is topped off with a baseball cap, preferably with label, although the Burberry check is becoming increasingly popular.
A pikey is best avoided at all times, especially if they are in the process of consuming Diamond White cider, as although their demeanour lulls you into thinking they are mentally slow, they are usually physically quick and will often "ask questions later", having set upon you and beaten you senseless for merely being in the same proximity as them.
Pikey: "You what mate?"
You: "Er, I didn't say anything mate"
Pikey: "You what mate?"
You: "Err..." <at which point pikey group sets upon you>
by Craig May 10, 2004
Usually a phrase said when people are being silent to make them laugh! Or, if you have a knife in your eye!
There's a knife in my eye!..... So what did you do yesterday?
by craig May 09, 2004
The incessant transposure of letters while instant messaging
Craig says:
there is much centrifical feelings invovled
Dean J says:
what the yea dude yea yea dude
Craig says:
you clearly do not understand ... you developer
chris says:
chris says:
chris says:
Craig says:
if your vocrapulary was any good, you would know what invovled means
by craig April 27, 2004
sagging fanny lips
omg her spam danglers are parting like moses making the sea part
by craig December 09, 2003
when you cant be bothered to do something
p1: we need to do work
p2: nah bar it!
by Craig June 27, 2003

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