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Fine strain of marijunana
This shit is totally Ando
by craig July 16, 2004
the end of sex in a relationship or the relationship altogether
I'm pretty sure he's cheating on her, that relationship definitely has a sexpiration date.
by Craig January 18, 2005
"fuck that shit" edited for younger audiences. See "fuck that shit" for definition.
Bobby dared me to see how high I could swing on the swingset. I said "funk that shit", I ain't doin' it.
by Craig January 26, 2004
A pretty little man, who lure's women to his bed on the pretense of being a cat owner. He does not own a cat.
I'm going over to Twigg's tonight to feed his sick little cat.
by Craig January 05, 2004
when wipping your arse without enough paper and your finger breaks through.
the night before last arnold, after a very hot curry and meatball soup, only used two squares to wipe with resulting in a hull breach which you can still smell on his finger today.
by craig January 17, 2005
rear gunner, uphill gardener, marmite minor, fudge packer, sh1t stabber, 'bats for the other side', nob jockey, shirt lifter, toilet trader... etc etc

puts his penis in other mens anus'.
"...'Bob', is a chocolate chimney warrior..."
by craig January 16, 2004
incapable of an orgasm
dylon is anorgasmic
by craig March 12, 2003

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