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channel that shows how reverse dicrimination is evolving, along with affirmative action.
"fuck rock" all you want, but at least it involves intstruments, not bass beats produced by a machine, therefore classifying it as music, unlike what they play on B.E.T.
by cassie November 23, 2003
Well lets just say the sweetest camp ever. Not only a camp but a place to meet hot guys IN THE TREEHOUSE. And if your lucky maybe meet a hungry child who steals princess snacks...then at the end just go all out and rock at the DANCE!! And if you have no fucking idea what im talking about see yah next year at SYLVAN.
(sing) Here she comes now sayin' Mony Mony....
Camp Kuriakos ROCKS ON THE LAKE!!!
by Cassie December 09, 2004
Nocken - a very sexy friend of mine

Nocken means Cam shaft in German
Hey Nocken wuts up?
How's Nocken doing these days?

Nocken "Sut up i can spel just fine"
by Cassie August 21, 2004
name, means magic in Hebrew. usually a name for an awesome, funny, crazy red head girl.
"Did you see Kesem last week? yeah, she's so cool. I wish my name was Kesem"
by cassie February 03, 2005
one cracked up dumb ass whore bitch from the hood
by cassie October 03, 2003
adj. or n. very awesome, almost kissable
wow, u are totally smuah!


omg, those are very smuah shoes!
by Cassie December 30, 2004
Freaking champ, chicks love him, dudes want to be him, freak footy player, and surfer. Has a massize penis
Geez, dont u wish u were like bray!
by cassie August 10, 2003

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