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When saying the phrase 'i heart you' it means that you actually love the person but do not yet feel comfortable saying those famous 3 little words. Its just a little less Serious than actually saying 'I love you'
ie: on the phone with boyfriend o/r girlfriend: "I heart you baby"
#i heart you #love you #have feelings for you #care for you #feel strongly for you
by Crystal V. January 07, 2006
1.) The step before saying I love you.
2.) When your not ready to say I love you.
3.) When you really like someone and saying I like you when your dating is stupid but saying I heart you is cute.
Boo, I don't quite love you yet but I heart you!
#i luv u #i <3 u #i <3 you #ihy #eye heart yooh
by Babiibooh November 28, 2009
A statement that can be used in lieu of dropping the l-bomb which can often lead to the disastrous decimation of at least one if not two people.

oh yah, ascii your <3 away...
"I heart you"

"I <3 u"
#love #hate #dating #sweet #cute
by Barabas August 19, 2006
the phrase "Iheartyou" is often said to a boy/girlfriend when you are not yet ready to say the phrase "Iloveyou".
Sweetie...Iheartyou or Iheartyou.
#love #couples #heart #feelings #emotion
by Jefferson Yu March 15, 2008
According to Mr. Rehan Tahir "I love you" and "I heart you" have completely different meaning. Which no one knows what. Even he doesn't know.
He said, "I heart you"
She said, "Isn't that same thing as I love you"
He said, "No, are you kidding me?"
#love #definition #couple #misunderstandings #confusion
by MRS. TAHIR October 22, 2014
A lame attempt by commitment phobes to say I love you.
Commitment phobe: I really, really like you... I think I heart you.

Commitmentphobe recipient: I think I heart you too.
#i heart you #like #love #fancy #feelings #relationship
by Commitment phobic March 16, 2008
much love
Baby, I heart you.
by hardcore247 January 29, 2003
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