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43 definitions by cassie

a hot sexy theology teacher worth jumping
There is an Orji in Kelly`s theology class.
by Cassie November 19, 2003
4 5
A big 'Ole Booty thats as big as a basketball.
Man.. that girl walking has a huge puhdunkadunk! doesnt she look like jessica hall?
by Cassie February 09, 2005
3 5
The coolest name to have after C.K. (camp kuriakos) regarding to a guy who was super hot and taught us the sweetest dance. ANDREW!!!!

Camp Kuriakos
I met this hot guy at camp his name was Andrew Odegard.
by Cassie December 09, 2004
4 7
Freaking champ, chicks love him, dudes want to be him, freak footy player, and surfer. Has a massize penis
Geez, dont u wish u were like bray!
by cassie August 10, 2003
21 24
Something that Adam likes, not only in his mouth, but other places too.
AG loves rigid cock.
by Cassie April 06, 2004
9 13
Phrase used to add emphesis which is said after making a statement.
That bitch is fine, huh too
by Cassie April 02, 2005
0 5