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MSN chat word. Meaning 'cute' or 'sweet'. Commonly used to describe short gay people.
Short gay guy: Where's the bus gone???
Girls: Aw! He's so pwoinkable!
by Cassie May 12, 2004
The perfect expression word for all purposes, created by Cassie. Can be used to express surprise, anger, confusion, laughter, sadness, happieness, sarcasm, boredness, and many more moods. The best word ever created. Caution: GAH IS ADDICTING! Catch the GAH disease today!
omGAh! Gah is so hardcore addicting, gahaha!
by Cassie April 10, 2005
guns for youths?? i think u need more of a life than a gun u screw up.and by the way , only gays play counterstrike
ur such a loser , u made up g4y!
by cassie February 27, 2005
This word can be used when describing "shit". People know what youre saying. But you're not REALLY cursing...
Like "Thats some cool shiznit you got there", or "I gotta deal with all this shiznit".
by cassie April 15, 2005
shit clothing that sells for psychotically high prices. usually worn by preps. should be shot.
by Cassie March 29, 2003
a phrase commomly used to suggest that your relationship is over, used in a song by Mary J. Blige..
It's a wrap
Why you go and do me like that
I thought the love was good
But I misunderstood baby...mary j blige
by Cassie July 05, 2004
a fool; gangsta slang
"shut up foo"
"don't be a dumbass, you foo"
by Cassie April 23, 2005

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