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Must be used in conjunction with an adjective, such as shifty. Enhances a word to it's fullest extent.
Other than mad shifty, mad ipheresium may also be utilized.
by Clark November 12, 2003
Shifty is a word used to denote the calibur of an item of person. Mad may be used to enhance shifty to its fullest extent.
What the crap?! That round of BulletTime Fighting was mad shifty.
by Clark November 12, 2003
1. Brutal death metal band from St. Petersburg Russia. The best death metal vocals ever, no one can touch Pavel. the guitar tone is top notch, and the bass guitar can be clearly heard throughout the album. Drums are guaranteed to bring about aural orgasm.

2. Abnormal - The definition of brutal death metal.

Lyrical theme(s)
Murders, Death, War, Homophobia

I was gunna put on some mallcore but then Abnormal came along and murdered that band, then whilst wearing their corpses, made the album Shifted The Shape. Oh well slipknot always sucked anyway.
by clark June 23, 2009
I hate ricers. I love camaros.
K dude, whatever kills your baby.
by Clark August 03, 2004
alot of potatoes, but thats not all. idahos city's are very clean and very nice. which most of idahos 1 million ppl live, the rest do live out in the country and DO grow the best potatoes on earth and we idahoans and dang proud of them! its also a place were the phrase "O my heck" and "what the Heck" are used very frequently, 30% drunken rednecks 40% drunken mexicans 30%plain old white ppl who live in an aweosome state, that cought a bad rep because the mexicans aren't that friendly. also the residenst cannot go to another state and tell people thier from idaho withought hearing the same "idaho! NO UDAHO!!!!" every single time.
" i went to idaho and got beat up by a gang of mexicans" "the town seemed real nice tho, HUGE potatoes! tasted like heaven"
by clark August 22, 2004
"Player owned" Usually in reference to massivly-multiplayer online game when one player "owns" or beats another player. Used by azn's who say "kekekekee"
by Clark November 15, 2003
a futile attempt of nick naming clark that went away as fast as it came.
dvv is gay. no, really, he's really gay.
by clark January 21, 2004
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