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a futile attempt of nick naming clark that went away as fast as it came.
dvv is gay. no, really, he's really gay.
by clark January 21, 2004
Putting a paper bag over some ugly bitches head and then tagging that shit until the sun comes up. (Maybe think about the olson twins or throw in a donkey punch)
It was a bag and tag situation
by Clark August 29, 2003
A school with a football team that never loses in the regular season.
Millard North football is the best
by clark November 02, 2003
A scientific experiment designed to see how many times people would buy the same song with a different title.

also, the crappiest band ever. I'm sure they have a loyal fan base of gay people. they follow me everywhere, ipod commercials, coke commercials, and they're even played on classic rock radio stations, ? , I wish they would just shut up.
special U2 edition iPod
by clark January 29, 2005
stupid bumper stickers for stupid tourists from places like ohio who've never seen the ocean or surfed or anything. a hazard to normal local people
Dodge Caravan, OBX

extra letters so i can put this example
by clark January 29, 2005
the seemingly powerful race in starcraft that dies to the weak looking zerg race in lost temple almost every single time.
my protoss cannons wont attack the lurkers uphill!
by clark January 20, 2004
A band who is really really over rated. Some songs are okay, but they're not that great. I'm tired of people telling me how influential they were. and I am not one of those linkin park fans either. I hate linkin park and modern rock, rap, hip hop, and other really bad music. I love Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Boston, AC/DC, BTO, Foreigner, etc, but the Beatles are over rated.
-"The beatles are the greatest band and greatly influenced modern music"
-"no, they aren't, shut up"
by clark January 29, 2005

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