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one really hot pop singer in kor/jap...
god she's hot.
i would love to do boa right now.
by clark January 20, 2004
post birdie fuck up, golf term
he birdied seven and then got a double on eight
by clark February 22, 2005
N. A smokescreen used to distract the dumb majority from the fact that sadam was and is of no threat to the us. see weapons of mass destruction
Sadam had no weapons of mass destruction but we still went to war with iraq and made a mess.
by Clark May 24, 2004
n. 100 Spoke Rims. Look similar to bike wheels except on a car. Real gangsters have 100s.
Got 100s on the Caddy, diamond in da back.
by Clark June 28, 2005
receiving head from two people, male or female
can i get some double head from khoa and eryl tonite?
by cLarK December 14, 2003
people always say that you have 'saggy alls' yet you dont. sackynut means to have a saggy ballsack which is what some people really have.
wow, you have a SACKYNUT! EWW
by Clark November 18, 2004
When two people are so attracted to eachother that they can't think straight when they make love; When one or both partners turn into animals while having sex or the male is refered to as a machine.
When two partners are engaged in a sexual encounter and the female hits and scratches the male while calling him a bastard.
by clark January 09, 2004

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