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arse, the tight brown rather than the easy pink, poo pipe, chocolate starfish
Suzie wouldn't let me up her dirt box and I had to settle for her fouf instead
by butt weasel September 02, 2003
gop, fanny goo
She loved it, when I'd delivered my muck her socks were already awash with cunt batter
by butt weasel August 29, 2003
someone/something that is clearly doomed
This is your captain speaking, with our remaining engine having burst into flames I can inform passengers that they are as dead as missing schoolgirls
by butt weasel August 29, 2003
ring piece rancher, poo pipe pioneer, cumslinger, shit shafting sheriff, etc etc
Damien you filthy butt cowboy, what are you doing in there with the attendant?
by butt weasel September 03, 2003
1) 1970s Beirut warlord.
2) Large breasts, kahunas, knorks
Go on luv, I'll buy you a babycham if you let me go blub blub blub in your wally jumblats
by butt weasel August 29, 2003
spanking the monkey, polishing the buddha
I'm going to have to punish my primate otherwise I'll need a wheelbarrow for my sack.
by butt weasel August 29, 2003
bashing the bishop whilst remeniscing about former partner
I was thinking about Maurine last night and getting all tosstalgic in the lav.
by butt weasel August 29, 2003

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