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Another term for big tits.
Whoa, look at Sally's kahunas! She must wear a D cup at least!
by PMax March 10, 2008
Originally, Kahuna was the Hawaiian title for a shaman, and the term is still used in that context by some native Hawaiians. One of the Kahunas of the then king of Hawai'i (Alapa'i) predicted that a fiery light in the sky would signal the birth of the "killer of chiefs", or ali'i ie: Kamehameha I, the first king of all the Hawaiian Islands .
I am the big kahuna.
by Geoff 96792 June 12, 2007
Australian slang for testicles. Probably came about as a confusion between spanish cohones and hawaiian kahuna.
Wait a second, he told the cop he was full of shit? Guy must have some pretty big kahunas.…
by ArrowHead83 October 21, 2009
testicle's, balls, nuts, guts
I don't have the Kahuna's to try that stunt.
Did you see him do that 1/2 gainer from 40' ? Wish I had the Kahuna's to try that!
by slowpoker59 September 16, 2008
Australian slang for penis. Also the name of a cricket bat they make down under...
I've got a big kahuna.
by Crazyboy June 04, 2004
Makua Rothman, big wave surfer from Hawaii.
Damn, Makua Rothman is one fine kahuna.
by anonymous February 08, 2004
American slang: literally balls, testicles; figuratively a man who has big kahunas has a lot of nerve, is brave, a risk taker, has a lot of testosterone.

Ted Turner: "Hey, listen. You've got to have big kahunas to be in this business.

Ronald Comacho, one of three fans arrested, filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Cubs. If you're involved in starting the ruckus, you have some pretty big kahunas to then file a lawsuit.

How big are the balls of the person who posted this message? My hat is off to the guy with the "BIG KAHUNAS"!
by Steve Jumonville September 20, 2006