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Adj A man who is obviously gay
"i thought Mark was a little weird, he was seen at the club wearing a pink boa. What a whoopsie!"
by Heywood Jeublome September 21, 2004
143 54
A flaccid penile ejaculation, inducing a violent recoil.
John had an embarrassing whoopsie during a routine physical with Dr. West, resulting in a big soft white mess.
by ImMoney9 August 19, 2010
39 27
Lavatorial accident, a la Frank Spencer.
Oo Betty, the cat's done a whoopsie in my beret!
by David from Kingsbury November 11, 2003
49 38
to get a boner at a bad time
"Dude, RIGHT before I had to give my speech to the class, I got a whoopsie!"
by Chili_Dude December 16, 2008
24 31
Getting hurt in the private area. Originally came from the video game Mortal Kombat.
Brittney kicks Evan in the balls. Evan says "Whoopsie!"
by Brittney February 18, 2005
38 57