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The kind of anxiety usually expressed by the physical or mental desire to jump up and down, screaming and banging hands on chest or head on walls.

Pre-dates the shortened but now more common variant "apeshit."
My roommate just deposited my mail at the bank and dropped my bank-deposit in the post-office box, for the third time! I'm going apeshit-crazy!
by Buggy July 03, 2006
The type of internet-war between individuals which grows out of quickly-written emails containing statements that may be easily misunderstood or mis-taken by the recepient, and grows through retaliatory responses into massive proportions.

Since email is unable to convey facial-expressions, unable to fully-convey emotive states or the status of the writer (ie tired, sick, depressed), is not interactive face-to-face dialog, and tends to be hastily-written, these misunderstandings via email are frequently based entirely upon mis-communication rather than truthful intent.

Term coined by Louise Doncaster circa 2003.
Person #1 states how they were ripped off by a third-party. Person #2 replies, "oh well that's what you get," meaning that's what you get when you deal with people like the third-party. Person #1 misunderstands the statement to mean that they deserved to be ripped off, or that Person #2 is flipping them off about their upset feelings of being ripped-off.
by Buggy August 24, 2005
In the days prior to a certain search-engine's rise to fame, thereby distorting the original meaning, the term "google-eyed" referred to a certain odd and slightly humorous appearance or expression in someone's eyes. Whether the person was slightly cross-eyed, cockeyed, or had a lazy eye, or simply postured their eyes in an odd way during an expression, they were "google-eyed."

In newer post-google.com use, it probably refers to someone who has spent far too many hours "googling" or web-searching for something and reading too many webpages.
Him - "Hey you're pretty cute!"

Her blushing and slightly google-eyed.
by buggy June 03, 2007
The kind of virus (or flu) where you don't know which direction to face the toilet, next. Also known as the lid-flipper-virus.


{blaaaaahhhhhhhhhh blahhhhhh!}

He'll survive, he's just got the 180-virus, tossin' and turnin' and doing the lid-flippin' on the old porcelain.
by buggy December 11, 2007
Specifically meaning (and sometimes legally) that the item is literally untouched by human hands.

The term comes from coins made at COIN MINTS which were dropped from the press directly into boxes for collectors and therefore never touched by human hands.

The meaning of the term "mint" is about as strict as the definition for the word "virgin."

In stretching the modern-day definition, it sometimes is valid to refer to an item which was purchased brand-new and unopened, but has been opened and checked but never used.

A further stretch is the use of "near-mint" which would still mean something possibly tested and used briefly but which still has no evidence of human handling or use.

It does NOT mean "looks like it's almost new." It does NOT mean anything to do with the herbal MINTS, as unfortunately assumed by many newer-generation mis-users of the term "mint."

It does NOT mean, in legal or historical use, anything to do with "looks cool" or "good" or "nice," as defined by other submissions on this website, on many ebay listngs and in common modern-day slang mis-use. That is sheer illiterate bastardization of the term.
"This camera is MINT condition, I opened it to see if it took the kind of storage-card that I use but it didn't, so I put it back in the box."

"This 40-year-old Gibson guitar has been in the closet since my grandfather won it in a contest, and other than a few playings it's nearly mint-condition."
by buggy October 03, 2007
An act of manipulative or false-emotion put on in order to achieve the desired reaction from others, usually sympathy.

Unlike its near-opposite, a kneejerk, which is a re-action to an action, the tearjerk is an initiated action in itself.
Hitlary sure put on that tearjerk act for the New Hampshire Primary Elections, just when everyone said she was seen as lacking emotion.
by buggy January 09, 2008
Text (book, webpage or other) written in a font which is so small that it is visible only to those with good eyesight. Those whose age is over forty increasingly lose their close-up vision as they age (known as hyperopia), because their eye-focus gradually becomes more fixed-focus rather than adaptable-focus.
Well, this webpage certainly loves using under-forty-font!

The ingredients on this candy bar are impossible to read in their under-forty-font.
by buggy October 23, 2005

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