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An act of manipulative or false-emotion put on in order to achieve the desired reaction from others, usually sympathy.

Unlike its near-opposite, a kneejerk, which is a re-action to an action, the tearjerk is an initiated action in itself.
Hitlary sure put on that tearjerk act for the New Hampshire Primary Elections, just when everyone said she was seen as lacking emotion.
by buggy January 09, 2008
When you masturbate while crying and use your tears for a lubricant
After he got dumped the threw a tear jerk to his ex girl friend for three weeks.
by nick butz December 09, 2011
The act of masturbating whilst crying. i.e to crystabate
Tearjerk: Cracking one off during the emotional ending of Armageddon.
by Backlit Villain August 23, 2008
A handjob given by someone whilst crying.
Abby was so angry that she took me up to my room and tearjerked me for a full hour.
by qwertyuiopOMGLOL March 26, 2010
To masturbate using your own or someone else's tears as lubrication.
I poked Allan in the eyeball and used the secretions for a tearjerk.
by Hirotter January 08, 2008
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