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Any one person who has sex with exactly five people in one night on five different occasions. so named because a general in the millitary has to earn five stars to become a general.
after escorting the 5th young gentleman of the night up to one of the empty bedrooms, lauren earned the rank of genital general.
by bsffreak May 28, 2008
the feeling one has when one is tripping on DXM (Dextromethorphan cough suppressent). see also: robotrippin
after downing a glass of robotussin and sprite i was feeling a little bowlingballish.
by bsffreak May 20, 2008
halfway between the degridation of an open handed bitch slap and a full on punch. to slap someone with a semi closed fist where the hand is in the shape it would be if one were holding a paintbrush.
Stephine was talking mad shit at the party, so Caitlin walked up and gave that bitch a paintbrush in the mouf.
by bsffreak May 10, 2008
the act of destroying or altering a billboard or other large obnoxious advertisement. often done for the purpose of curtailing rampant consumerism.
I went ad busting last night and took out that HUMMER billboard.
by bsffreak November 29, 2007

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