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110 definitions by bryan

Nasty, ugly, fat BITCH.
boy#1: Look at that big WFF!
boy#2: Nah man, thas a Mack Truck!
by Bryan April 15, 2005
Nickname to female humans Named Frances; Fran; Franny, simply a retrofitted Rearangement of Letters
Fran = Narf; Franny = Narfy
by Bryan January 29, 2005
see fnuck and add -ing, besch!
That is so fnucking smurf!
by Bryan January 27, 2005
A vagina that resembles a grilled cheese sandwhich.
I was about to eat that bitch out but when I got down there i spread her lips apart.... it was like a god damn grilled cheese sandwhich, man!
by Bryan November 19, 2004
It means wtf, what the hell, etc. It came out in 1996.
person#1:Ima throw yo ball.
person#1:I just throw yo ball.
person#2:What the dilly yo.
by Bryan April 19, 2005
To press two butt holes together and shitting in the opposite person's butt hole.
Oh that was fun, let's do it again.
by bryan April 30, 2004
Some thing that is extremely good.
Damn that weed is dannk
by Bryan October 18, 2003