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110 definitions by bryan

a mild form of retardation that comes prodominately in kids that listen to punk and are named mike gibson
wow! your such a gibby, i mean c'mon.
by bryan October 20, 2004
16 37
Its a white person that is a peace of shit. Its sorda like a wff.
person#1: Wow, thas an albino peace of shit.
by Bryan April 19, 2005
4 27
A butt-eruption that falls somewhere between a fart and crapping your pants.
Don't fart if you have a stomach ache; you might end up with a slurt.
by Bryan March 21, 2005
12 36
The area between your balls and your ass.
I could really use some baby powder on my bass.
by Bryan November 19, 2004
10 35
barths favorite word
What are you doing buttercup?
by bryan October 08, 2004
4 29
collective noun for a walking group of pricks
whilst walking down the street you observe a group of chavs and say to your friend "watch out for that hedgehog"
by Bryan August 13, 2004
17 42
To use Cough Syrup to get high.
Hey man wanna Fry??
by Bryan February 12, 2004
0 25