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One whose chin is "slapped" by another mans scrotum; usually a homosexual act.

The generally accepted gesture to identify a Chin Slap is to point out the subject in question, take your index finger and tap your chin. The tapping of the chin can be done gently or performed in rapid succesion to inform others of the level of Chin Slappiness that is emanating from the target subject. Incredibly high levels of Chin Slappiness can be represented by a full, palm slap to the chin area, resulting in a cocking back of the head.
What a Chin Slap.
He's such a Chin Slap that his Chin Slappiness resulted in the breaking of his jaw.
by Bryan June 19, 2005
worst phone company. advertises they can find lost phones w/ a gps chip, but only 911 can do it, inless you live in CT
sprint sucks!! use a different company!
by bryan November 27, 2004
translates into:
do you know what I'm sayin mofo?

usually used in order to confirm that the listener has been paying attention, or to check if the listener knows what you're talking about.
256mb of DDR ram will process data faster than 128mb of SD ram...namsayinmofo?
by Bryan December 31, 2004
bryan is a great example not to be confused with the other BRIAN
by bryan March 29, 2005
Its a white person that is a peace of shit. Its sorda like a wff.
person#1: Wow, thas an albino peace of shit.
by Bryan April 19, 2005
A butt-eruption that falls somewhere between a fart and crapping your pants.
Don't fart if you have a stomach ache; you might end up with a slurt.
by Bryan March 21, 2005
To be completely drunk.
"John came home from the party monolithic."
by Bryan January 28, 2005

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