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8 definitions by brandon2k9

What a person is called when they have big ass thighs, the king of all thighs. Even larger than thunder thighs.
Dave: Check out the thighs on that hoe! Those are the biggest I've ever seen!

Bob: She has the king of all thighs; that bitch be a Thighrannosaurus Rex!
by brandon2k9 August 10, 2009
A status on facebook usually made by girls purposely written in a way because she knows the comments will make her feel good/pretty/ etc.
Annoying attention whore- *thinks* I feel ugly :(. I know! I'll go on facebook and make a self-esteem status

Annoying attention whore- I wish I looked like those victoria secret models! ugh :(

nicole- omg babigurl you do! &&luvu

brenda- you look way better than them!

Dave- shut up bitch
by brandon2k9 December 10, 2009
Slang term for saying someone is rich. Have/had/has bank.
I went to my uncles mansion who is a brain surgeon, man did he have bank!
by brandon2k9 August 10, 2009
A holiday sex move, when dirty hot sex has been going on for a long period of time, raising the body temperature of the man in turn raising his semen temperature. He nuts on the womans chest, thus a roasting chestnut.
Tim: Hey Dale what are you doing christmas day?

Dale: Visiting my in-laws at 5 which will lead to a roasting chestnut with my wife in her parents bed.

Tim: :/
by brandon2k9 December 02, 2009
Where all the women go on insane long shopping sprees followed by a night of excess alcohol, because their husbands are gone for opening day of gun season.
Sarah: Betty, its the opening day of shopping this weekend!

Betty: Ill grab his credit cards!
by brandon2k9 November 05, 2009
What really good marijuana looks like.
That weed is so dank; it looks like sugar coated christmas trees. Lets smoke it!
by brandon2k9 May 18, 2010
The act of thrusting the gas nozzle in and out of the tank after filling up in order to remove excess gas in the nozzle to prevent dripping onto the side of your car.
Ron: damn it I always spill gas on my car after filling up

Jeremy: you gotta remember to get all the liquid out with a quick gas pump thrust!
by brandon2k9 April 20, 2011