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someone who chooses video games over sex
Ryan is a total electrosexual when he chooses ninja gaiden over katie.
by Brad March 20, 2004
Someone who gets sexual pleasure from direct electrical stimulation (e-stim) of their erogenous zones.
Bob and Lisa were such electrosexuals that they had e-stim units from PES, Folsom Electric, and Rimba and boxes of different electrodes and violet wands.
by Cock Shocker September 22, 2009
Someone who is inclined towards electronic music and electro-pop.
Oohhhh... Leanne bought the new Britney Spears album... She has also got Robyn, La Roux and Little Boots. She's such an Electrosexual.
by colinstevenadams May 04, 2011
person who uses video games as an excuse for not having sex with hideously ugly people
Kripke is not an electrosexual since he had sex with a retard instead of playing xbox.
by harry vagina March 28, 2004
An individual who has sex or stays with a mate for the use of their electronics.

I stayed with my boyfriend longer because he had a PS, that's why I'm an electrosexual.
by Nancy-chan May 12, 2007

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