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a person with no coordination, an event that is unorganized.
get a mental picture of a monkey fucking a football... there is you're definition
*let me help you lift that box, you look like a monkey fuckin' a football
by bogart March 10, 2005
noise made when two fat people have sex in space... or in zero gravity.... fat colliding with fat
* ok now i'm tired, i think i'll make a sandwitch.
by bogart March 07, 2005
1) A sketchy character

2) Someone with a lack of morals

3) A sheisty motherfucker
Creighton you skeev, you said you'd stay if I did a Spyda Dunk.
by bogart February 03, 2005
the act of setting your beer or ash tray on the top of a girls head while she blows you. named after herman munster since he had a flat head.
come here, let me give you a herman handshake
by bogart March 06, 2005
one who use drugs on a regular basis (recreationaly), but will not admit to friends or family that he/she is addicted... one who does drugs in private, not with friends.
stop being a closet junky, everyone knows what you do in your spare time.
by bogart March 07, 2005
term used to describe someone who does not approve of drug use. also used to describe someone who uses drugs, but denounces them when he/her is sober...
get away from me anti-junky... i hate you.
by bogart March 07, 2005
when two women, a donkey, beer and/or mixed drinks are combimed... usualy with a croud present, and durring or immediatly after a cockfight.... the rest is up to the individuals imagination
oh man, i went to mexico and saw an aeol... it wasn't nearly as good as the one in sweden though.
by bogart March 07, 2005

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