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24 definitions by bogart

the noise made buy an obese midget durring intercourse...no one knows where the noise comes from, it is not vocal nor bodily.
* umper!umper!umper!
- what the hell is that noise? is it you? the bed? its coming from NOWHERE!!!
by bogart March 07, 2005
when two women, a donkey, beer and/or mixed drinks are combimed... usualy with a croud present, and durring or immediatly after a cockfight.... the rest is up to the individuals imagination
oh man, i went to mexico and saw an aeol... it wasn't nearly as good as the one in sweden though.
by bogart March 07, 2005
term used to describe the reaction one gets when a person or group of people mention drugs and/or drug use, similar to a dry hump motion.
john's such a hump junky he gets a hard on when his friends talk about cocaine
by bogart March 07, 2005
term used to define one who hogs or is stingy with cocain. similar to a bogart
you're such an oberling, now cut me a line damn it
by bogart March 07, 2005
a mass orgy, not really mongolion, that is extreamly uncoordinated.

something messy, or messed up
(standing in a crowded restaurant)*it's like a mongolion cluster fuck in here*
by bogart March 10, 2005
the opposite of a herman handshake in which the object on the womans head falls off due to excessive roundness
i wanted a herman handshake but her head was to pointed and all i got was a domocile
by bogart March 06, 2005
term used to describe someone who sucks cock. derogitory insult both to the person and the bannana.
dude, quit suckin the dole....
by bogart March 11, 2005