Top Definition
To randomly omit certain, often important, details.
Megan: Why does the worksheet go from a,b..e? What about c and d?
Chelsea: They got kantered.
by igotkantered March 28, 2010
An asshole or someone who is a jerk
Dude ur a fucking kanter!
by Emily February 10, 2005
One who is constantly lesser than their comrades.
Max: I totally bombed that chemistry test!

Andrew: Wow I got a perfect score... it was so easy.

Nicky: Wow Max, you're such a kanter.
by Vraiblad Schryestony February 26, 2009
An extremely large marijuana cigarette. Rolled to perfection.
Dude, I just rolled the nicest Kanter, lets get high.
by Bogart April 13, 2005
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