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A state of being or acceptance achieved after friend/s have ruined a possession or piece of furniture via sexual activity.
See that frown, Lil Mike and Matt understand the couch real well.
by Bogart December 02, 2004
one who appears to be addicted to crystal meth, however; only collects it and never uses it... or rarely uses it and turns into a complete ass.
quit being such a crystal whore and give me some.
by bogart March 07, 2005
<pawk> strange and silent person with symptoms such as misery, taking things too seriously, not living, closing himself in, not getting out and holding strange opinions. also see "Social retard"

<pee-oh-see> more formal, intelligent and sexy than above
hey, let down your hair P_O_C! get out of your shell!

you P_O_C! why not get out a little!
by Bogart June 24, 2004
the act of pulling out ones penis and slapping a teacher, or substitute teacher in the face... then tea-bagging them... named after john dove, at Alamogordo High
* now children, do you're homework
- i'll give you a dirty john if you don't shut up.
by bogart March 09, 2005
An extremely large marijuana cigarette. Rolled to perfection.
Dude, I just rolled the nicest Kanter, lets get high.
by Bogart April 13, 2005
to come splatter a persons face...
i jibbed so hard her head got stuck to the pillow
by bogart March 11, 2005
affectionate term used when ever... preferably screamed at the top of ones lungs. anyone named eric, is reffered to as oh billy.
*OH Billy!
- where have you been all my life
* in your bum bum.
by bogart March 09, 2005
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