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Fujiwara Takumi is the main character of a Japanese anime and manga featuring downhill racing with an emphasis on "drift" technique.
You are a very fast man, Fujiwara Takumi
by blake March 20, 2004
Completely useless
Knowing how to fold socks in 10 different ways is as useless as an ashtray on a crotch rocket.
by Blake November 12, 2002
Past tense of instant message.
"Dan IM'd me last night!!!1"
by blake February 10, 2005
When a chick puts on bank amounts of lip stick so you can see how far your dick went into her mouth.
Dude, that chick painted my pole.
by Blake February 26, 2004
Awesome song by Neil Young with one of the greatest guitar solos I have ever heard.
If you need proof that Neil Young is one of the greatest guitarists, listen to Down by the River.
by Blake February 08, 2005
A gravitron is the ride at those crappy city to city carnivals that spins real fast. It smells of vomit and sweat and features weight lifting benches on rollers along the wall. Your back is placed upon the bench with you in a semi standing position and the gravitron is activated. Once it reaches speed the benches slide up giving you the feeling of weightlessness. In actuality it is more the centrifugal/centripedal force that allows you to "stick" to the wall.
This guy i work with plans to buy a gravitron and travel the country as a carnie, but we were looking on usedrides.com and they're like $40,000 used!
by blake April 01, 2004
a sucker of the ass
chet is a complete ass vacuume
by blake September 28, 2003
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