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A soldier that doesn't fight for honor or pride but for money and fame. A game based off someone who has actually lived this life is Soldier of Fortune 1/2.
John Mullins is a soldier of fortune.
by blake March 12, 2004
Short for the famouse online CORPG, Guild Wars that kicks any other mmo in the balls. (www.guildwars.com)
Shinsei is the best monk in GW
by Blake December 08, 2004
See: all the definitions below.

Granted, many of the stereotypes are true, as is with every state, but for those who have lived there all their lives, they wouldn't want it any other way. Or they want to get the hell out, only to see that it has infected them and find themselves yearning for the seasons, natural beauty and people that have shared the experience of growing up there.

And yes there is Abercrombie in Maine, not just flannel outlets, as well as all those who fit the image, for all the young hip crowd out there.

Stay there for a while, get past some of the podunk stereotypes (or immerse...atv's are the shit) and you might become infected too...

Get the accent, it sets you apart. Who needs r's anyway.
I grew up in Maine and was tired of the stereotypes only to find they were such a small part of the experience.
by blake March 28, 2005
The greatest munchee drink ever created. Better then any other semi-frozen drink out there, and a great suppliment to a bag of chips. Especially when you are high.

Also, great for brain freezes.
This slurpee is rediculously good. Crazy rediculously.
by Blake March 08, 2005
A bag filled with shit used as a substitute for a pinyata for children's parties.
When I hugged grandma her colostomy bag burst.
by blake November 19, 2003
The musty scent on the breath of one who recently sucked cock.
Shit dude, I can smell your boner breath from way over here!

Yes, I'm listening...keep talking...you have boner breath...Tic-Tac?
by blake January 27, 2004
Very very early in the morning, right before the crack of dawn.
God I'm tired, that damned dog woke me up at the buttcrack of dawn
by Blake November 11, 2002

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