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The most beautiful of all of God's creations. Some consider her to be an angel in human form.
I, Blake Baird, am in love with Marlena!
by Blake August 08, 2004
No way Are you Kidding
Lil'Jon:I just got ma damn car so crunk itz a fly hoopied.
Katrina:Na Fo Real
Lil'Jon:Fo Real
by Blake March 11, 2005
To chugalug (chug-a-lug), one must have a large quantity of liquid (booze). One must then proceed to chug (chugalug) said liquid (booze).
Then we met with my buddies and proceeded to chugalug our alcohol of choice.
by Blake March 01, 2005
expression meaning pull your finger out of your ass
Kevin quit fucking around and dedigitate.
by Blake November 12, 2002
When you smear you hairy greasy ass cheeks against a window with your cheeks spread to reveal your slimy hole.
Hey there's you dad, show'em your hairy milk dud.
by Blake November 11, 2002
A buck... or male deer to all you non-hunters out there.
I just shot a hart! Come quick... the stag needs to be cleaned!
by Blake January 10, 2005
The act of positioning your boner straight up you lower stomach to conceal it in public. It sits with the head pertruding from the top of your boxers.
So you’re in class and that hot exchange student who's V-card you've been wanting to steel decides to bend over to pick up her pencil. This nearly gives you a taste of her pussy sitting so visibly beneath her short skirt, but instead you’re left with a boner. Now without Plip'n your immobile, so by positioning it so that it can nestle into your belly button, it has become concealed.
by Blake January 22, 2004

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