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1.) A sandwich for n00bs consisting of one Sega Dreamcast, one Sonic Heroes game, one Outrun2 game, and one homemade pimp my ride episode. Eat these and you become a certified n00b.
My sammich is gweat!
by Blah March 11, 2005
The mere mention of this band makes me want to wear all black, and wet my mascara so that it runs down my face in all my emo glory...nah
but seriously a great band lead by the eternal Conor O, the father of my children (or hopefully one day soon)
Conor O is a beautiful person with a deep persepective of life and love AMEN!

hey that guy was almost as hot as conor o
by blah June 04, 2004
a potato chip made in california
by Blah October 30, 2003
is an ugly piece of faggot and should go die
ugh its lloyed..you better leave
by blah March 22, 2005
some "rally" car with unbearable turbo lag. usually comes with 4 wheels and made to run on "dirt". Well equiped to handle road conditions when you suddenly find yourself out of ROAD. Do not fear potential drivers! If you happen to be so incompetent as to drive you fucking car off the damn road, this evo will be perfectly suitable for your driving needs. If you happen to be a normal driver, buy yourself a honda and stay on the fucking road.

"My evo own camero bitches on the drag strip. Eat my dust NASCAR!"
by blah January 01, 2005
A pathetic attempt at insult used by Repugs.
by blah August 30, 2003
that ugly ghetto brand thats stuff all looks like sweatpants/shirts
eew, south pole is ghetto.
by blah April 13, 2004

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