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*bleep* *bleep* *bleep* the *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* and *bleep* a *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* the *bleep* *bleep* with *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*ing *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*. *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*. *bleep* *bleep*.
This entry has been edited by the FCC, leaving only what *we* feel is suitable. Thank you.
by What It Is To Burn July 07, 2006
Federal Communications Commission

an independant government agency responsible for allocating radio services and censoring free speech (radio) who does'nt have any money, censors free speech, allocates the absolute stupidest radio allocations, fines good FM radio stations DC101.

The FCC has no power, no money, and no one gives a shit what they say, including me.
I hate the FCC, they are against free-band CB operations
by IhateFCPS October 12, 2003
(n) 1. Federal Conformity Commission
2. Fucking Clear Channel
3. Fascist Communist Cunts
The FCC was created by the federal government to ensure the First Amendment doesn't apply to the airwaves.
by fduck April 02, 2004
A group of people whose chief job is to make entertainment much less entertaining.
The show was so much more fun until the FCC started censoring it -- it used to have lots of sex and nudity, but now it's about a bunch of happy bunnies hopping around and singing!
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
fucking assholes who want to ruin everything!
OMG! He said shit and didn't censor it!
OMG! She flashed her titties!
OMG! We're (censored)offs!
by A2P November 28, 2004
as previously said federal communications commision which instead of helping the free flow of information or entertainment or pretty much anything they have decided that things are obscene because they belive blasphemy is evil and sex is dirty this is based on a moral decision and therefore should not be made by the gov. but to those that decide to watch/listen or not
the FCC has been trying to make our decisions for us they should be stopped
by Xantos June 19, 2004
Facist bastards who bitch about anything and everything. They're a conservative extremist organization thats a puppet of the bush administration. These right wing assholes have nothing better to do with their time than bitch about Janet Jackson's titties and Howard Stern's liberal views. They try to censor anything that's left wing, and so far, it seems like they may succeed. Do the country a favor and vote Democrat in 2004.
Damn FCC is censoring the Howard Stern show again. Fucking facist dickheads.
by td March 26, 2004
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