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50 definitions by bj

Beautifully woven masturbation aid. For those with rough skin and heavy self-loving duties. Useful for avoiding friction burns and associated problems.
"One pair of silk gloves please"
"So, wank a lot?"
"...yes I do."
by BJ February 20, 2005
A whiner. A crier. A sissy. Someone who is afraid of everything.
Derrick is such a puss boy. He never stops whining.
by BJ December 16, 2003
Bigger then a Kluger...
d00d that yopee is way bigger then that kluger. see - kluger
by BJ November 13, 2003
A person who is the ultimate computer geek. Knows programming and web design and operating systems and networking and hardware and just about everything else you can think of.
My MCSE instructor was a retired Navy uber geek.
by BJ July 18, 2003
Incredibly busy in an agressive fashion
Lately, work's been busier than a two-peckered billy goat.
by BJ November 02, 2003
Razar burn after shaving your pubic region. Most likley located above the penis area. Quite irritating.
Bryce: Ben!!!, i schvoned myself.
Ben: Thats fuckin nasty man... I can't wait to tell zach.
Zach(later on): Bryce!, you fuckin schvone
by BJ October 05, 2004
noun: AK staff member, bisexual pedophile, rapper, and canadian.
Bad kirika, noobs are not for you'r personal entertainment!!
by Bj July 10, 2004