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a mother or
a person who indulges in sexual intercourse with their mother derogatory - that means insulting
he's one ugly mutha
by Bj February 17, 2003
The number that follows 419.
<What number comes after 419?>
<420! You idiot!>
by BJ August 25, 2004
a cock usually 8-12 inches in length. (mostly black)
that slut was riding that meat pole like an all-star
by BJ February 20, 2005
A crazy plane.
That zeppelin is dieing.
by bj February 02, 2003
A popular haircut in the 90's made by placing a bowl over the victim's head and shaving everywhere else.
Dude, that loser's haircut looks awful, it looks like his barber gave him a bowl job.
by BJ November 10, 2004
ky guy for the straight guy, fake, whipped
wow that person is pretty fake, they must be a ky ky
by bj December 17, 2003
a species that eats its own kind. specificly, when a nigger eats its own feces.
look at whoopi take a crap on that plate. now she's eating it! what a cannibal!
by bj September 02, 2005

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