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Captian Morgan Spiced Rum
I like my C-Mo straight up, not with a mixer.
by BJ December 16, 2003
"Crazy Mode Overdrive" - an over excited feeling for being happy for doing crazy stuff.
Vans: Dude, what the hell are you thinking? Are you crazy or something?

Riko: Not really, just being CMO now. Hahaha...
by 1CK0 November 21, 2010
An abbreviation for the popular rum, "captain morgan". Bay Area slang used particularly by the Tamalpais High School district of Mill Valley, CA.
Yo, lets kill that handle of cmo tonight.
by ErryYeeTheBay May 04, 2011
check mine out

can use on social networking websites when you would like the other person to check your profile out.
Comment: Hey cool blog. cmo.
by kaka.natural April 01, 2011
In Mexican pornography, the phrase most often used is "¡Sí, Más!"

¡Sí, Más! = Yes, More!

Not to be confused with CMOS; which is an acronym used in the field of electronics.

CMOS = Complimentary-Symmetry Metal Oxide Semiconductor.
Mexican porn dialogue: "¡Sí, Más!"

Electronics Enthusiasts as an audiance: "Wow!--They're practicing on CMOS circuitry!"

Background Laughter: "LOL"
by The Dirtbag November 08, 2013
Continuous Multiple Orgasms . A state which can be achieved whereby a woman has orgasm after orgasm until she becomes exhausted and dehydrated , but very very happy . It's not just any man which can provide this , and it takes patience , trust , and a desire to please a woman . For her part , the woman has to learn to let go .
When he said he was a CMO instructor , I had no idea what he meant . OH MY GOD !!! I didn't know it was even possible .
by toonice May 23, 2014
A guy with a first name starting with a "C", such as Christopher; and a last name beginning with "Mo" such as Morgan, or Morton.

This guy usually comes off as charming and a great dancer, but watch out. C-Mo's are wishy-washy snakes. If you date a C-Mo they will cheat on you then smile the next day and lie through their teeth. And since they are so handsome you will believe them. C-Mo's will sleep with your friends, do drugs, have a dark side, but will be able to hide it from everyone as they like to "look" good. Watch your back around these sneaky suckers.
Me: I'm dating C-Mo! He's so handsome!
Them: Oh watch your back. I saw him last week making out with Sarah, that skank.

Me: Oh I trust him he's so charming and loves me.

C-Mo: I slept with Sarah last night but I love you.
by Nekko22 November 18, 2010
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